Stephen Kadlec Popped for Being '07 Wedding Crasher Who Stole Gift Box With $1,800 Inside

He doesn't have the distorted nose of Owen Wilson, the infectious smarm of Vince Vaughn or the $209,255,921 domestic total gross of their 2005 mega-hit Wedding Crashers, but Stephen Kadlec did manage to slip in uninvited to a Garden Grove wedding reception in 2007 and, according to police, walk away with $1,800 in weekend box office.

Check that: it was $1,800 from the wedding gift box.

Now, where do I put this?
Now, where do I put this?
Courtesy of Garden Grove Police Department

If the fellow shown in the surveillance photo above is indeed the man who made off with the box, then there is no denying Garden Grove Police finally got their man, at least when you compare these to the mug shot that opened this post.

In August 2007, a man walked into the Garden Room Chapel, 12777 Knott St., Garden Grove, and pretended to be a wedding guest. The wedding crasher ambled over to the card table and, when no one was looking, swiped the gift box containing at least $1,800 in cash and checks.

But someone was watching--actually, some thing: the wedding chapel's "excellent" video surveillance system, according to police.

Investigators received several tips after the media released the images in 2007, but it was only recently that a tipster added a name to the footage: Stephen Kadlec.

That led Garden Grove's finest to Riverside County, where the 38-year-old Canyon Lake resident was arrested about 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Police are now seeing if they can link Kadlec to other crimes.

Anyone else missing a wedding gift box?


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