State Assembly Candidate Troy Edgar Calls Mike Schroeder a "Used-to-Be", Can Now Expect A Light Saber to His Campaign

Wowee, wowee, wowee: if you're a politicians in Orange County, the last person you want to piss off is Mike "Vader" Schroeder, the dark lord of OC politics, the man who revels in making life miserable for people who don't follow his exacting conservatism. And if you're a Republican who crosses him? Well, just ask Doris Allen what happens after.

That's the situation that state assembly candidate Troy Edgar now finds himself in.

This morning, Edgar--who's running for the 72nd Assembly District against Travis Allen--sent out a wonderfully snotty email in which he derides Schroeder's recent pulling of his endorsement of Edgar in light of our story documenting the candidate's fun with election ethics. I wish I could quote the email in its entirety, but the statement calls Schroeder a "used-to-be," a "nattering nabob of negativism," a "former" and an "also-ran," and then touts the endorsement of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Wow, is Edgar really that dumb?

Reached by hologram, Schroeder laughed out loud when read excerpts of Edgar's email. "It would appear that Troy Edgar is desperate to deflect attention from the two reason that he is losing support in his politicial campaign," he said. "Those being his refusal to take a strong stance against tax increases, and the serious corruption allegations that have been leveled against him."

Schroeder then mentioned that Edgar has "been forced to amend his campaign disclosure statements in order to properly discloses corporate expenditures on behalf of his assembly campaign."

Well, ain't that a groove!

Schroeder had to end the conversation to go kill an entire planet, but one only wonders what shenanigans he'll unleash on Edgar--can't wait!

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