Got Ebola?
Got Ebola?
Illustration by Mikael Haggstrom/public domain

St. Joe Nurses Demand Better Ebola Prep

Registered nurses will come calling on the CEO of St. Joseph's Hospital in Orange at noon to demand improved Ebola preparedness standards for patients, RNs and other caregivers.

The proposed Ebola preparedness standards for St. Joe's would "include precautions and protections that reflect the highest standards used by the Nebraska Medical Center at the University of Nebraska," says the California Nurses Association (CNA) in a statement. The CNA and National Nurses United are making the same demands at all U.S. hospitals in the face of the deadly Ebola threat.

If you'd like to join them at noon today, they'll be at the hospital at the corner of Stewart Drive and Bush Street in Orange, where St. Joe Chief Executive Officer Steve Moreau can expect a special delivery.

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