Squirrel Masher 5000!

Photo by OCW staffAt a time when environmental groups and Sacramento are trying to replace gas-guzzling SUVs with smaller, more fuel-efficient hybrid cars using electric motors and natural-gas engines; at a time when the Bush administration plans to invade Iraq, destabilize the Middle East and drive up the price of oil; at a time like this, Irvine-based Revcon is hoping to put fleets of locomotive-sized RVs on and off the road. Revcon's monstrous $450,000 Trailmaster features a heavy-steel hull, off-road suspension, six chest-high wheels and twin 75-gallon fuel tanks providing an OPEC-cheering four to six miles per gallon. The luxurious interior includes a master-bedroom suite, whirlpool bath, Italian leather sofas and solid-oak cabinetry. The Trailmaster is still in the prototype stage, but consumers can drop $100,000 right now for the more modest Trailblazer. Already popular as a search-and-rescue vehicle and Special Forces mobile-command center, the Trailblazer has many of the same amenities as the Trailmaster but with slightly better fuel efficiency—a little more than 10 miles per gallon. "The Trailblazer is a radical departure from the traditional motor coach," reads one Revcon brochure. "While other coaches force you to admire the scenery from the roadside, the Trailblazer allows you to become part of it."


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