Squeeze OC R.I.P. Part Two

The Orange County Register's ill-starred Squeeze OC, a faux alternative weekly that, in the words of Weekly managing editor Rich Kane "only retarded frat boys could love," just died its second death.

Back in August 2007, the magazine, which only lasted two years, went web-only. Now, as of today, Squeeze OC doesn't even have a website. Although the Register hasn't made any official announcement, we were clued into this breaking story by a former staffer who said we could find confirmation that the website was about to go dark by clicking on Magda Liszewska's "Stay Tuned" blog.

But when we tried to click to Squeeze OC's website, it wasn't there. Instead, we were greeted by a message that the website had moved to a new location. Check out www.squeezeoc.com and see for yourself--you'll be redirected to the Register's online entertainment section. We had to do a Google search to find Magda's Feb. 29 posting in which she told readers how to find her blog in the future.

"Just another reminder that the blog disappears from here soon since the whole site is going down, but it’s not going away," Magda wrote. "Keep reading at http://staytuned.blogspot.com. Coming soon, the review of “New Amsterdam” and interview with its star. Stay tuned and thanks for reading."

And thank you, Squeeze OC, for all the memories. Like those fascinating stories about couples who fire paint balls at each other, handy guides to expensive cars for OC's spoiled brats, and this typically fawning puff piece about a local hack who sits next to me at work.


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