El Paso: Better than Cancun?
El Paso: Better than Cancun?

Spring Breakers: Forget Cancun, El Paso Is Where It's At!

The pages of Navel Gazing have long narrated the increasingly crumbly and futile efforts by OC's loose network of immigrant haters to work Americans up into a fit of rage over illegal immigration. But this latest effort by the usual suspects (Barbara Coe, CCIR, the Minutemen) marks a kind of milestone for just how desperate they've grown. They've now set out to attack spring breakers and middle-aged, fanny-packed, cruise-ship bound tourists with -- fliers?

Apparently Coe's efforts to influence local tourists last year weren't working, so, predictably, a "coalition" was hatched.The new group is calling itself "Americans United to Halt Tourism in Mexico," and has set out to paralyze Mexico's massive tourism industry by urging all those traveling to Mexico's turquoise coasts to turn around, cancel their tickets and consider spending their tourist dollars in "the beautiful American Southwest" instead.

No one can much tolerate the buffoonery of under-age, binge-drinking, beach-bound Spring breakers, but come on Babs. Traveling to the border and handing out flimsy fliers won't do a thing to dissuade these kids and other crowds from converting their precious dollars into many pesos and spending those pesos on perfect tacos, sweet cups of cafe,


, beach side hotels and the zillion other things you can do in Mexico that you can't do here, (for cheap). Armed with fliers, Coe and Co. plan to somehow curb the presence of the estimated 22 million tourists who descend on the Mexican pyramids and coastlines each year. Good luck AUHT! No word on whether there are plans to distribute fliers to the

million Americans living in Mexico

(the largest concentration of Americans living outside the U.S.)

The only thing sillier than Coe's spring break antics is the Register's decision to dedicate a real story to this latest, desperate effort (a little late, we might add). But the Reg is hungry for page views and comments (like the rest of us), so its understandable. As of this posting, there were 102 comments and counting on their story.


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