Speed Up for Charity

First, I think it's really great that so many of you turned out to participate in the Tour of Long Beach. Pediatric cancer research is, indeed, a worthy cause and one certainly worth supporting. It might have been nice, however, if many of you remembered that you were participating in a charity "ride" and not a friggin' race. Especially during those last two miles from the Belmont Pier to the finish line. Groups of you on road bikes had no business speeding so fast and in such close formation down the bike path that was still, in fact, open to the public. Even more stupidly dangerous were those of you who thought it appropriate to ride at a high rate of speed three abreast and in the oncoming lane of bike traffic, clipping oncoming cyclists as you merged back into your lane at the last minute to avoid a head-on collision. Thanks for making the oncoming lane that already has to contend with those walking onto it from the adjacent foot path even more dangerous. What's even more egregious is that some of you were snippy when you were called out on it. I suppose that speaks more about your character than any charity work you do. So there!


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