Know these gents?
Know these gents?
Laguna Beach Police Department

Please Name These Laguna Beach Hipster Speakeasy-Looking Thieves

Two burglary suspects sought in Laguna Beach appear to have stepped out of a hipster speakeasy.

Just look at the image above that detectives from the Laguna Beach Police Department pulled from surveillance video Wednesday at the Shops at the Cliffs, 500 S. Coast Hwy.

Suspected of having made entry around 5 a.m. and possibly sticking around for an hour and a half, the pair is believed to have made off with $200,000 in merchandise from an art gallery, a jeweler and three other stores.

As the Laguna Beach Police Department seeks tips at 949.497.0701, we here at the Weekly are looking for catchy nicknames for the thieves. Our list so far:

Dandy Bandits,
Snazzy Swindlers
Fedora Finaglers
Hipster Heisters
Dapper Dimwits
Beau Brummel Bums
Bartender Trainees

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