Soup Kitchen Nazi [Hey, You!]
Bob Aul

Soup Kitchen Nazi [Hey, You!]

You threw me under the bus to the dysfunctional piranhas—one Schizotypal and the other Borderline—as they seem to do the dirty work for you, which you seem hell-bent on distancing yourself from. You exude an aura of altruism to the suckers who don't know you well. Hiding behind the soup kitchen's reputable altruistic services has earned you an angel of hypocrisy title you seem to percolate well. What was it that I've been accused of? Stealing donations? What do you call it when your tipping-the-scales husband "helps himself" with a crate full of donated goods? Candor of solidarity?

Send anonymous thanks, confessions or accusations—changing or deleting the names of the guilty and innocent—to

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