Sorry, no, that's taken

FishbowlLA is reporting that the L.A. Times, in an upcoming article, is going to try to dub Los Angeles "The Big Orange."

Hello? We're the big orange, yo. That's why it's actually the name of the county.

If L.A. wants to name itself after a color, I suggest "The Big Brown" (I say this not as a racial thing, but as a nod to the air color there). If we're going for fruit, "The Big Tamarind" (much like L.A., tamarinds can be tasty, but they look kinda dry and dusty to the naked eye).

But not orange. The city of Orange is already the big, medium, or whatever Orange.

P.S. I ain't changing this post, Gustavo. Even if the Times is somehow being super-ironic by echoing a silly name given 30 years ago, that doesn't make it less silly. Big Tamarind is what I said, and that's what I'm sticking to.

But if the city of Orange wants to dub itself "The Big Los Angeles" in response, that would be appropriately funny.


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