Something's Out There: Orange County Beach Cities Edition

Seal Beach was just named by Forbes "the fourth friendliest town in America," which may explain the visitor(s) who caught the eye of a resident last Saturday.

It was an unidentified flying object that was seen the same morning a similar-looking UFO was reported from a resident in nearby Huntington Beach.

MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, posted the 7 a.m. Seal Beach sighting on, which noted there have been three other recent UFO sightings in Seal Beach but none were the same day as this one:

Watching TV with another, noticed slow moving light over the ocean. This is a flight path for Long Beach Intl airport however this was different from other aircraft lights. The object slowly changed color from red to gold. Still thought it could be aircraft, but then observed it descend into the ocean. We thought perhaps a plane crashed, however there has not been any reports since. I observed it with binoculars, however could not make out any details, other than the lights changing. Still, was able to view it descend, and descend against the background of the Seal Beach pier - watched it pass behind and under in its distance, and disappear around the ocean level. It was dark at night however no other splash or crash was observed. It was fairly far away, perhaps a mile.

MUFON also posted this 5:40 a.m. sighting the same day in Surf City, where there have been 41 recent sightings but, again, no others reported the same day there:

I arrived at the high school to pick my son up when he came running pointing to the sky. There were several kids looking over in the same direction. He began shouting, now I see! there, theres a U>F>O>. Then I saw the orange globe like object just off to the east of us under cloud cover line. (though there were no clouds it was a clear night)We watched it slowley hover over a short distance then it simply vanished into thin air. Then off to the south over the beach I saw a large red cylinderical object appear lit in red. It was the oddest thing I have ever seen. It began to travel to the west in a swooping motion when it went behind a tree I lost vision of it.

Now, here's the weird thing (as if what's above is not weird). A similar-looking object was reported in the skies over Newport Beach--also in the morning (8:40) but exactly one day shy of a year earlier:

We were walking outside along the ocean in Corona del Mar at about 840 on a clear evening when we saw a bright orange light travelling from north to south. It is hard to judge the scale of the object since it was dark, but it appeared to be just several hundred yards off the coast at about 40 degrees and ascending. The object eventually disappeared. It was hard to tell if it disappeared out of sight due to rapid descent or if the lights were turned off. After seeing this first object, we went in to get a camera and captured video of two more lights. A fourth followed after the two seen in the video. There is a white light in the video which is Venus. You'll see in the middle of the video that the top object moves to the right of the other.

Guess we shouldn't be surprised someone other than Germans visit our beach communities every winter.

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