Some Tips for Servite High Fans Today As Their School's Boys Basketball Teams Faces Mater Dei

Dear Servite High students:

You boys disappoint me. For years, I've sung your praises as a school that doesn't truly tolerate teen rapists like your eternal rivals, Mater Dei High School. But a couple of weeks ago, you earned worldwide notoriety for making racist chants again an African-American Mater Dei boys' basketball player. That's horrible, and you should never do that again. Almost as bad, however, was learning that ustedes have jeered Mater Dei's coach, the portly Gary McKnight, in the past by sending an empty pizza box down his way.

Fat jokes? Typical teenage idiocy. Tonight, your team plays Mater Dei again, this time in their home court? Want to really get under Mater Dei's skin? Leave the players alone, and focus on Mater Dei's many pedophile cover-ups over the years, especially those committed on behalf of Mater Dei boys' basketball. Look through these archives, then these, and print out the Mater Dei-related pieces. Read the stories as background, and create inventive chants. We'll leave it up to you folks to make catchy ones, but again: racism, bad; calling out pedo-apologists, good.

We'd put the video up, but the Orange County Register fucked up the coding on the video, Here, then, is some soothing twanging from Servite:


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