Some Music to Listen to While the Loretta Sanchez-Van Tran Race Gets Decided

Most any rational commentator has called the 47th Congressional District race for incumbent Loretta Sanchez, but hold on to your Gretsky, Lo-Lo! The Orange County Registrar of Voters say they still need to go through about 30,000 more votes in the district, and betcha bánh mìs to tortas that challenger Van Tran and his Republican backers will do everything to, um, influence the remaining votes to go his way. We'll wait for the final tally before issuing an analysis--in the meanwhile, music for the wait after the jump!

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass' "Tijuana Taxi"! Because ONE of these candidates will have to take it back to their out-of-OC homes on their Walk of the meanwhile, the rest of you yahoos can rail about illegals stealing the vote or how glorious Loretta is--your choice!


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