Socialist President Feels Spendy (Again)

Socialist President Feels Spendy (Again)

Can you believe the socialist president?

In a special message to Congress dated March 23, he outlined a national strategy to help older Americans, despite the economy and budget deficits.

Get this: the president called for increasing the budget eight-fold--EIGHT-FOLD!--to extend Social Security benefits to protect the elderly from rising costs.

He also called on the government to improve private nursing home care.

And to expand volunteer opportunities in order "to continue their involvement in the life of the country."

Granny Kate, meet Nanny State!

In his message, the president said that we must "stop treating older Americans as a burden and start treating them as a resource."

We also must, he said, "fight the many forces which can cause older persons to feel dependent or isolated, and provide instead continuing opportunities for them to be self-reliant and involved."

Well, how are we supposed to pay for this socialist crapola, Mr. President?

Mr. President?

Um. Well. Check that. It wasn't Barack Obama who said that stuff. It was Richard Nixon, on March 23, 1972.*

Maybe John Taylor, the former Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace Foundation executive director, was on to something when he called Obama a Nixonite.

* Hat tip to the Nixon Foundation for the history lesson.


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