Socialist Femi-Commie Loretta Sanchez Opens Her Elitist Liberal Purse

Politico, which is a good, important publication, caught up with our Santa Ana/Garden Grove/Fullerton/Anaheim U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez to find out what's in her purse.

Red County's Matt Cunningham zinged the piece, saying the Democrat "must have left her 'Handy Guide To Increasing Federal Control Over Americans' Lives' at home." He's probably right! But we watched nearly one minute of accompanying six-minute video and think that Cunningham missed a few important details:

Loretta says: The lady on her purse is "sexy."
Loretta means: I hate America's Christian values.

Loretta says: The lady is from Europe, because "that's where I'd rather be."
Loretta means: Now that Barack Obama's in office, we can finally all have 30-hour work weeks, freedom-crushingly efficient public transportation and mandatory gay marriages for all.

Loretta says says: "I've got the whole world in my purse."
Loretta means: Why yes, our implementation of the New World Order is going along swimmingly.

All of Sanchez's czarist perkiness proved too much for us to bear by the 55 second mark. If you make it the whole way through the video, let us know what other Nobama code phrases she drops. Maybe the birth certificate is somewhere in that bag!


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