So You Want To Help the Philippines

So You Want To Help the Philippines

Do you want to do something to help the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan ripped across the country earlier this week, sweeping away entire villages and leaving up to 10,000 feared dead or missing?

Good on you. This is how you can help.

As much as you want to give medical supplies, food and clothing, cash donations will be the easiest for organizations to use immediately, without having to worry about shipping.

Multiple organizations are collecting donations. You can visit their donate pages below. When giving, make sure you follow the organization's guidelines to earmark your donations. Also, if your employer has a gift matching or a corporate giving program, inquire to see if they will match your donation. Disney is matching 100 percent of donations made by its employees.

The following organizations that have pledged to use ALL FUNDS donated to typhoon relief on typhoon relief, according to Charity Navigator.

Action Against Hunger Doctors Without Borders Direct Relief AmeriCares International Medical Corps OxFam America

The following organizations are also doing relief work in the Philippines, but were not entirely clear when Charity Navigator asked them about their Haiyan fundraising efforts or are accepting designated gifts with the caveat that 'excess' funds may be used elsewhere.

UNICEF (If you want to lobby your network to donate, you can create a donation landing page HERE) American Red Cross

ABC7 will also be hosting a donation drive at the Honda Center supporting the Red Cross today from 4:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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