So Long, Pedo Bear

I know you must remember me. I definitely remember you. I was sipping cocktails on the back patio of Steamers when you walked by. We couldn't see your face, but you instantly made us hoot and holler. Among all the weird, freaky things that happen in downtown Fullerton, I've never seen someone dressed head-to-toe as Pedo Bear. We yelled out your name, and you stopped and became all bashful, squeezing your knees together and putting your hand over your mouth. We asked you to join us on the patio, and you made more silly, totally ambiguous gestures, as a Disney character might. Eventually, you had a sit-down and posed for a photo. I have to commend you, Pedo Bear, for holding your character and not saying a word the entire time. Keep up the good work! Unless, of course, you are a real pedophile under all the fur.


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