Snowboarder Bandit Fashion Show!

The biggest news is not that the law enforcement-dubbed "Snowboarder Bandit" has apparently struck again, this time at a Bank of the West branch in Anaheim Hills Monday.

More significant is the robber believed to have also hit banks in Laguna Hills, Ladera Ranch and Corona del Mar has changed his look!

Indeed, he's moved so fashion forward he's reached beyond most-wanted lists to the runway.

Snowboarder Bandit Fashion Show!

The knit cap screams "pothead," but the dark gray V-necked tee over the lighter gray long-sleeved tee shows a budding fashionista who understands how well the shades make his white loot bag POP!

Snowboarder Bandit Fashion Show!

Controversy has reigned in fashion circles since SB broke out the Day Glo yellow cap, with some seeing it as heresy against the smart-collared gray pullover and others hailing the wearer's knowing nod to c

Snowboarder Bandit Fashion Show!

Some accused SB of being derivative of the Jan. 31 Union Bank look, but they aren't looking hard enough. Notice the way the tilt of the cap's stripes work in opposite flow to the tres chic shades. Meanwhile, the trendy maroon shirt under the traditional fully sleeved V-neck pullover shows a sly master at work, although the brown plastic Ralph's bag was either a mistake or political statement I just don't get.

Snowboarder Bandit Fashion Show!

As rag hags were all atwitter on Twitter wondering what kind of knit-cap-and-pullover-sweater-or-hoodie combo SB would break out next, he boldly emerged with this game changer Monday. Most tongues wagged at the black motorcycle helmet throwing a monkey wrench into many fall collections. But direct your gaze to the always-fashionable black blazer over simple white, European-cut dress shirt, crumpled ever so subtly. SB seems to be saying, "Stop looking at me, but if you do, you are welcome."

Snowboarder Bandit Fashion Show!

No one has been better at tracking the evolution of the Snowboarder Bandit look than, the Women's Wear Daily of Southern California bank robbery suspect sites. Notice on the left how SB introduced himself with a Ashton Kutcher-meets-fishing trip get-up, how he went on to expertly work THREE different knit caps to keep us guessing, and then, in the final masterpiece frame, payed homage to Bill Blass and Jesse Pinkman. Chills.

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