Snowballed into Jail

Ustedes remember the story of Michael Scott Kerr, right? The man who founded Snowball Express, an organization that treated the children and widows of our fallen soldiers in the War on Terror--but was a deadbeat dad himself? Who, when confronted with his past, lied about it? The pendejo who sanctimoniously said the Snowball Express wasn't about him, yet sicced war widows on individuals who dared call him on his shit? That Michael Scott Kerr?

Homeboy was arrested yesterday by Orange County sheriffs on DUI, along with his wife. Sheriff's authorities had to call the father of Kerr's stepchildren to pick them up. He's being held on $10,000 bail. Court date is for scheduled for this Monday. Wonder if this'll put a crimp on the Kerr's March 16 shindig at the Westin Hotel for Snowball Express?


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