Smoking Out Schwarzenegger, Stamping Out Prop. 8

Perhaps you've seen Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's TV ad above for, in which he vows not to raise taxes or otherwise solve California's budget mess on the backs of "Callyphonyans."

DMedia, the Irvine-based, Democrat-leaning, campaign-commercial makers Clockwork told you about here, has produced its own ad starring Da Gov, focusing on the budget mess and advocating Californians who should be spared pain from looming financial fixes. Needless to say, the DMedia spot for the Courage Campaign takes a decidedly different tact than StandForCA's: 

DMedia's been very busy indeed. That earlier post mentions the awards the firm won with its pro-Obama and anti-Mccain ads on behalf of OC-based On Thursday, unveiled the first in a series of statewide ads produced by DMedia that seek to support the ground efforts of so many groups canvassing for marriage equality in California:


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