Protect that PA system!
Protect that PA system!
Minnaert/Wikipedia Commons

Homeless Booze Hound Comes Up with Smart & Final Solution

A homeless fellow walked into the Smart & Final store in Laguna Niguel, made his way over to the public address microphone and informed shoppers to make their way to the front exit because of a bomb threat.

Orange County sheriff's deputies say the fellow was not doing his civic duty.

In the confusion of the store clearing out just after 10:30 p.m. last Thursday, Jan. 4, the fellow grabbed some booze and fled.

A search turned up no explosives in the building at 30252 Crown Valley Parkway.

A gander at the Smart & Final surveillance video revealed the identity of a known area transient, according to deputies, who at last word reported the thief was still at large.


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