Smack Talk Against Your Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Begins Early

Smack Talk Against Your Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Begins Early

I thought the worst thing I'd read so far about Your Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim was that the A's are gaining on them, but then came this: "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will always be Disneyland's team and should expect nothing but another fairy-tale in the AL West this season." Disneyland's team? That was soooooo 2002. You know, the, gulp, last and only time the Halos won the World Series.

Where was this going again? Oh, yes: the fairy tale connection courtesy of Melissa Segura at, who sees our perennial division leading team with "its share of vulnerabilities" heading into the new season. Segura does not toss the A's into the mix, instead arguing, "Texas' potent offense and Seattle's formidable pitching staff will thicken the plot." Let's see, in a four-team division, that means everyone's gaining on them. 
On the bright side, Segura's rundown ends with a scout's take: "They're still the class of the American League West. They have the best manager in the division. They will have trouble replacing the power Mark Teixeira provided at the end of the season, but they have an ownership that's willing to do what they can to win. They won't be sellers. If there are any holes, they will do what they can to fill them. Their biggest issue is finding at-bats in the outfield. They're going to have to trade one of those guys--most likely Gary Matthews Jr.--and try to do it in spring training."

On the, erm, not bright side: it seems like the Angels have been unsuccessfully trying to unload Matthews since they got him.

Where was this going again? Oh, yes: getting fired up for the coming season by hearing "The Hud"/"Hudman"/"Wonder Dog"/"Worm Eater"/"Excuse for Ice Picking Your Ears" Rex Hudler share his memories as a much traveled pro ballplayer/one-time Angel/current Angel color commentator 4 p.m. Saturday at the Borders in The District at Tustin Legacy, 2493 Park Ave., Tustin.

I thought the funniest thing I'd read so far about Hudler was this line in the email I got back from Gustavo when I dared him to write about this blessed event: "If you give me some weed to give to him..." But then I came across Hudler's fake MySpace page. The last lines of his bio are classic: "I used to toke it up every once in a while, but the five-oh's caught up to me in KC, so I keep it on the down low now. Gotta lay low with that stuff dude." And: "I think I am a pretty sick and unique dude. People remember my red hair but I'm also crazy man and that's the stuff legends are made of bro."

Freakin' sweet. Bro.

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