Another set of OCers makes Henry W. Head proud...
Another set of OCers makes Henry W. Head proud...

SJC Americans: OC's Latest Hate Group!

I don't really pay much attention to San Juan Capistrano because that's more Spencer's terrain, but one facet of the town that previously drew my  interest was some group calling themselves the SJC Americans. Clockwork Coker previously wrote a piece on the incongruity of them railing about Reconquista in San Juan, a town that traditionally accepted all comers unless you weren't Catholic and a place where even the old-time gabachos were Mexican. And then I saw a short story late last week in the Orange County Register where they promised to protest the annual Indigenous Americas Festival organized by the fine South County non-profit CREER--and they did protest it, ostensibly because it fell on 9/11 but really because they're anti-Mexican, anti-Indian, anti-veterans Know Nothings.

SJC Americans protested an event that held a commemoration for the victims of 9/11. They protested an event that had the involvement of a United States Marine Corps color guard. They protested an event featuring the good faction of the Juaneños. They protested an event in which an award was given to Joe A. Gonzales, an 85-year-old Army vet that fought in Okinawa as a 19-year-old during World War II. They protested an event where Gonzales gave a shout out to his friend Manuel Galas, who gave his life to America on the shores of Japan even though he wasn't a citizen.

And the SJC Americans had the gall to call CREER's event anti-American? Of course they would, given their hatred of the brown and tolerance of bona fide white supremacists.

Earlier this summer, they held a Tea Party rally at Historic Town Center Park, the very location CREER held its racism-free festival. The SJC American bash free of bigotry? If only!

Pamphleteering at the event were members

of the white-power American Third Position Party. Did the SJC Americans try to boot them out of the event (which the Anti-Defamation League plainly

called "an anti-immigrant rally"

)? Nope. They can argue freedom of speech all they want, but let the record show that when neo-Nazis protested the Laguna Beach Day Workers Center a couple of years ago, the Know Nothings there that day

made sure to stand as far away from the skins as possible

and openly repudiated their white-power ideology. Why didn't you call them out during your tea-bagging ceremony, SJC Americans? Why not try to boot them out of San Juan instead of harass the Mexicans  who have been there decades? That's right: because y'all are cowards.

But gracias for your stupidity: finally, a reason for me to pay attention to something in San Juan. See ustedes soon on the funny pages, anti-American pendejos!


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