Silent River Film Festival Presale Tickets Available Through Monday So Order NOW!

The Silent River Film Festival runs Oct. 17-20 in Irvine, but Monday is the last day to buy discounted pre-sale tickets. Eighty-three films from 17 countries will be presented as part of founder and director Kalpna Singh-Chitnis's mission to bring "East and West" together and share "Cinema and Causes."

A full list of films will follow on the next page, but you should know that the ticket price at the door of the Edwards Westpark 8 in Irvine will be $12 each, but it's only $10 in advance online at Monday.

All-day passes, which get you into each presentation a particular festival day, are on sale for $30.

Meanwhile, Kalpna says she has received confirmation that opening night will bring Academy Award nominated and Golden Globe winning actress Sally Kirkland and the New York City band The Kin, who have movies and music videos screening at the festival. The band will be flying in from a tour stop in Australia.

Attendance to the gala requires a ticket that can also be purchased through the website, where you can also find more fest information. Or you can call 949.394.5148.

That promised film list follows ...

Narrative Features

1. Josh (Against The Grain) - Dir: Iram Parveen Bilal- Pakistan USA

2. For No Eyes Only - Dir: Tali Barde- Germany

3. Anita Ho - Dir: Steve Myung- USA

4. The K Effect. Stalin's Editor - Dir: Valenti Figueres Jorge- Spain

5. Us and Them - Dir: Carrie Ferrante- USA

6. Always Faithful - Dir: ChristopherCardiff - USA

7. Lootera - Dir: Vikramaditya Motwane- India

Documentary Features

1. Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey - Dir: Wendy J.N Lee- India, Nepal, USA

2. Crazy Wisdom - Dir: Johanna Demetrakas- Canada, USA

3. Who Cares - Dir: Mara Mourao - Brazil

4. Char-The No Man's Island - Dir: Sourav Sarangi- India

5. Harmony: A New Way Of Looking At Our World - Dir: Stuart Sender-Germany, USA

6. Dusty's Trail: Summit of Borneo - Dir: Catherine Jayasuriya - USA

7. It's Better to Jump - Dir: Patrick Stewart -USA

8. FrackNation - Dir - BrittanyWilliams - USA

9. Mayong:Myth/Reality - Dir: Utpal Borpujari- India

Documentary Shorts

1. A Second Chance - Dir: David Aristizabal -USA

2. Life Changing Moments - Dir: Sherry Thomas - USA, Uganda

3. Danger Overhead Powerlines - Dir: Mia Mullarkey - Ireland

4. In Her Shoes - Dir: Brandy Rainey Amstel - USA

5. Running Blind - Dir: Ryan Suffern - USA

6. Magho (Daughter) - Dir: Kate Lord- USA

Short Films

1. Dove on the Roof- Dir: Olga Korotko - Kazakhstan

2. Le Train Bleu- Dir: Stephanie Assimacopoulo - France

3. Welcome Yankee - Dir: Benoit Desjardins- Canada

4. Lapse- Dir: Anthony Haden Salerno - USA

5. Love at First Sight - Dir: Mark Playne-UK, Spain

6. The Amulet of the Dragon - Dir: Joao Paulo Andrade- Brazil

7. Rolling Romance - Dir: Melissa Harkness- USA

8. Campers- Dir: Emma Rozanski - UK

9. Retrovisor- Dir: Alberto Lavin- Spain

10 .Lapet - Dir: Anshul Sinha-India

11. Six Letter Word - Dir: Lisanne Sartor- USA

12. Dead Drop - Dir: Jason Eberly- USA

13. Rose Mary and Time - Dir: Hardeep Giani- UK

14. Suicidio Lampera La Balada De Simon - Dir: Guillermo Arias-Carbajal-Spain

15. Faker Chaser - Dir: Matthew Shoychet- Canada

16. Lostengarden - Dir: Nergis Usta- Germany

17. The Price - Dir: James St. Vincent- USA

18. When You Fade - Dir: Andy Rovira- USA

19. The Assistant - Dir: Dave Hill- USA

20. The German Who Came To Tea - Dir: Kerry Kolbe- UK

21. Posey - Dir: Bill DaMota - USA

22. Taxi's Diver - Sara M. Olivka- Austria

23. Worth - Dir: Nic Baker- Australia

24. Go Up - Dir: Roman Kayumov- Russian Federation

25. Bunny Getting To Know Dad - Dir: Tatiana Skorlupkina- RussianFederation

26. The Ridicule - Dir: Mete Sozer- USA

27. Departure - Dir: Siglia Diniz - USA

28. 4.0 - Dir: Dave Kost - USA

29. The Box - Dir: Melanie Star Scot - USA

30. In Transit - Dir: Stev Elam -USA

31. Blind- Dir: Thibault Guerin - France, USA

32. A Perfect Day - Dir: Adam Rubin - USA

33. Let's Face The Musicand Dance - Dir: Michael Pescasio - USA.

34. Illusion - Dir: MichaelPescasio - USA.

35. Dear Someone - Dir:Tetsuo Kamata - USA

36. Sunset By the window -Dir: Stephanie Chu - USA.

Short Films (Colleges and Universities)

1. Afterglow - Dir: Kaushal Oza - Film And Television Institute of India- India

2. Keep Moving - Dir: Jackie Zhou - Chapman University-USA

3. I Am Sarah Maple - Dir: Tyler Gurd - Chapman University-USA

4. For The Love Of Food - Dir: Cindy Hsieh - UNC-Greensboro- USA

5. Desert Places - Dir: Carl Kotheimer - Savannah College of Art andDesign- USA

6. Two Worlds Apart - Dir: Ben Holden - Capilano University- Canada

7. Hey You Never Know - Dir: Kareem Atallah- School of Visual Arts- USA

8. The Legend of Johnny Dangerfield - Dir: Benjamin Welmond- Carnegie Mellon University.

9. A Dry Tear - Dir:Stephanie Chu - UCI Irvine- USA

10. Suriname Gold - Dir: Paulo Henrique Testolini - New York University-Brazil, USA

11. Still- Dir: Ruby Stocking - Chapman University - USA

12. Knot- Dir: Miguel Garzon Martinez - New York Film Academy - USA

13. Breakaway - Dir: Ivan Bukta - Columbian University School Of the Arts- USA

14. The Singh Twins - Dir- Tyler Gurd - Chapman University - USA.

Teen Shorts

1. 10,000Hours - Dir: Nick Rua - Florida - USA

2. KillerApp - Dir: Elizabeth Herrick- American Heritage School- USA

3. EscapingThe Island - Dir: Malone Lumarda- La Salle High School- USA

4. The Painted Girl - Dir: Ben Kadie- Interlake High School- USA

5. Existence- Dir: Patrick Y. Lee - Upper Canada College- Canada

6. The Farm- Dir: Malone Lumarda - La Salle High School- USA

7. Abracadabra - Dir: Catriona Warren- St Michaels Grammar School,Melbourne - Australia

8. Learning to Live - Dir: Kate Wise- Chapman University- USA


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