Signing on to Scientology: New Logos Up at Santa Ana Landmark

With the Ideal Org's opening day less than two weeks away, Scientology Orange County has officially marked its territory in downtown Santa Ana.

Take a gander at the sign above the entrance, one of many L. Ron Hubbard-tastic emblems that adorn the former Santa Ana Performing Arts and Event Center at Sycamore and Fifth streets. LOVE the font! Is it the debut of Xenu Diggers of '33?

It was Hubbard who said Ideal orgs are "islands of sanity, expanding, spreading help and calming the environment until we can truly call this a Golden Age again."

A bookstore is located in a first-floor corner spot, where one can peek through the window and get a glimpse of a couple of Hubbard books on a shelf. From the outside, I couldn't tell where the auditing holes will be located.

Can't wait to get my personality tested!

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