Shriver Women's Conference Gets Brit Attention

The big news for us in the States from Maria Shriver's annual Women's Conference in Long Beach has been the meeting of California's gubernatorial candidates, former first lady Laura Bush poking fun at her husband and temporary first lady Michelle Obama talking about raising school-age girls in the White House. However, in the UK, at least one media outlet is concerned more about the supposedly haggard look of one of those who watched Obama's speech.

"Tired Victoria's Lost Her Zig-a-Zig," blared the headline over "Gordon Smart's Bizarre" column in The Sun. Follow the link to see the photo snapped of Girl Power pioneer Victoria Beckham.

Michelle Obama speaks at the Women's Conference in Long Beach.
Michelle Obama speaks at the Women's Conference in Long Beach.

Or, take the journo's word that "she painted a miserable picture," cutting "a tired and gaunt figure" while listening to Obama.

Of course, who knows how soon she got off a long plane flight? Or an all-nighter with a sick boy? Or Becks' snoring?

It just goes to show, no matter how empowered a woman becomes, some guy is still going to take pot shots at her looks. Speaking of which, does Vickie really need empowerment tips? She's pretty much got it going on.

Okay, we'll give Gordo this: The Ms. Bend It Like of his photo does not resemble this:

Christ, almighty, there goes another dude commenting on looks.

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