Sheriff Seeks Two Old Baddies Who Abducted and Robbed Mom with Kid at Sam's Club

The Orange County Sheriff's Department is looking for two older men who abducted a mother with her 18-month-old child in tow and forced her to buy them two iPads at the Stanton Sam's Club.

Here are some more looks at the baddies:

To be honest, it's easier to make them out in the television news report below (after the annoying commercial):

It all went down around 1 p.m. last Thursday. The woman had been pushing a full cart with store items and her child inside up and down the Sam's Club aisles when she was approached by the older looking man of the pair.

He said he needed medical attention and asked to be driven to the nearest hospital. She explained she did not know where the closest hospital was. That's when the second man approached, still in the store, saying he knew where the hospital was and that he would accompany them to give directions.

But once they got outside, one man pulled a gun and demanded the woman's money. She told them she was broke, so they told her she'd better drive to her home and get some money there. On the way, she disclosed her husband was at home, a revelation that changed the baddies' plan. They had her turn around and drive back to Sam's Club to withdraw money from the ATM.

Once there, the woman showed, via her account slip, that she had no money. So the pair forced her to charge two iPads on her credit card at Sam's Club. Outside the store, one of the robbers took her purse and gold earrings as well.

They were last seen leaving the super store lot on foot. The older man was described as Latino, age 50 to 60, 5-foot-1, 140 pounds with gray hair and brown eyes. His partner was Latino, age 40 to 50, 5-ffot-8, 160 pounds with short brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information that can help snare these losers can leave a tip, even anonymously, with Orange County Crimestoppers at 1.855.TIP.OCCS or

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