It's not Sheriff Hutchens flip-flopping, it's the law.
It's not Sheriff Hutchens flip-flopping, it's the law.
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Sheriff Sandra Hutchens Reverses Reversal of Concealed Weapon Permit Reversal

Let us time travel back to October 2008, when Orange County's newish Sheriff Sandra Hutchens had reversed her felonious predecessor Mike Carona, who issued concealed weapon permits if someone's "good cause" was they had lined his pockets. Hutchens held that "good cause" would be "a clear and present danger," which earned her this headline from a pro-gun, anti-Jew blogger: "Dyke Sheriff Begins Taking Away Concealed Weapons Permits."

Ah, good times, good times ...

In February 2014, a three-judge panel split 2-1 in favor of "good cause" being nothing more than "self-defense" or "personal protection," so Hutchens reversed her reversal. But last Thursday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals voted to rehear "en banc" the case of Peruta v. County of San Diego, the legal basis for Hutchens' action. And so, Hutchens has now reversed her reversed reversal and good cause again means a clear and present danger. As for the gun-luvun kook conspiracies ...

Happy days are here again!

As OC Deals with Flood of Concealed-Weapon Requests, Moms Group Seeks Ruling's Reversal

"In remaining consistent with the law and respecting the court's previous opinion, Sheriff Hutchens has been issuing CCW Licenses and citing the three-judge panel opinion as authority for the 'good cause' requirement," reads a statement from Lt. Jeff Hallock, the sheriff's spokesman. "Based on [the March 26] vote to rehear the case, the three-judge panel opinion can no longer be cited as authority. In response to the court's decision, Sheriff Hutchens will require all new applicants and those applicants currently in the process to articulate their safety concerns and provide supporting documentation in accordance with Orange County Sheriff's Department Policy #218 - License to Carry a Concealed Weapon."

This does not mean the sheriff will invalidate the concealed weapon licenses issued under the previous good-cause standard or those that were in the pipeline before Thursday, although "supplemental 'good cause' may be required at time of renewal," Hallock says.

"Sheriff Hutchens is committed to remaining consistent with the law while respecting the opinion and decisions of the court," Hallock says. "The department will remain vigilant in monitoring the progression of this case through the court process as we remain unwavering in our commitment to deliver service to the citizens of Orange County."

Read Orange County Sheriff's Department Policy #218 ... and weep.

Now back to your regular lesbian Zionist programming ...

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