Sheriff Mike Carona Finally Reduces OC crime

Those who know Sheriff Mike Carona might be skeptical that a man with no street cop experience can impact local crime statistics in a dramatic, positive way. Though Carona hails himself as "America's Sheriff," he's never solved a crime, endured a stakeout or made an arrest. He served as a court bailiff and political hack before the local Republican Party ran him for sheriff in 1998.

But Carona--in his third term at California's second largest sheriff's department despite promising to limit himself to only two terms--finally deserves applause. He has single-handedly reduced an entire crime category to zero.

No joke.

And he did it without using his trusty intelligence/personal errand/espionage unit, eyes in the sky, Michael J. Schroeder or his pals at The Orange County Register!

Learn how this modern day, martini-loving Kojak (or is it J. Edgar Hoover?) pulled off The Miracle on North Flower Street in this week's exclusive OC Weekly report, "Blazing Saddles!"


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