Sex Abuse Survivors Treated Nicely by Mexican Catholics (God Exists Edition)

Talked to the indefatigable Joelle Casteix of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests today for an update to SNAP's action this past Sunday at Our Lady of the Pillar in SanTana. Catholic Church sex-abuse survivors were passing out information on admitted boy-lover Luis Eduardo Ramirez. I predicted out loud that the super-majority Mexican parishioners wouldn't take kindly to them, and surprise, surprise—-it was the gabachos who were the bigger jerks. Casteix says the event overall went "shockingly well" and was "delightfully pleasant." There was a police presence because of the Weekly's previous coverage, but it wasn't necessary. "I was nervous about it, but most people took the information and were kind," she said. Some did crumple the fliers or tore them up in front of Casteix and three other survivors, but most "took the information and thought about it." God does exist, Orange County—now, if only the Mater Dei crowd was salvageable...


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