Sen. Tom Coburn Tries to Have His Obama-Birther Nutcake and Spit It Out, Too

The birthers apparently won't leave CNN's Rick Sanchez alone. (Welcome to the club, bub). A day after exploiting their nutty cause to his noontime audience--again, welcome to the club, bub--he had U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn on his CNN Newsroom program today to explain how the Oklahoma Republican could support legislation born out of birther rants yet still claim he believes Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii, is a legal citizen and is constitutionally qualified to be president of the United States.

Sanchez inferred that Coburn was pandering to the wingnuts and scoring political points against Obama. Coburn tried to counter-spin that the birther legislation is designed to bring people together and restore faith in the election system and that it has nothing to do with Obama and his birther-disputed birthplace. Sanchez didn't seem to buy it (nor, for a second straight day, did his MySpace followers).

In a discussion with a couple talking heads afterward, Sanchez conceded he is struggling with giving the unfounded birther story any more legs vs. the right of people to know the issue continues the rear its ugly head--notably now in the U.S. Congress.

Once again, welcome to the club, bub--with feeling! 


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