See Dick Wakesurf

Being cold below ground in Yorba Linda does not stop our favorite disgraced son Richard Nixon from finding himself in the news. The hits just keep coming, don't they? But far more fascinating than Dick being blamed for the Cambodian genocide, joined in the hereafter by Watergate-era foe Jerome Waldie and better liked by Democrats than Barack Obama is by Republicans at this point in their respective presidencies is the footage above from Slaysh!blog ("a place for wakesurfing, music, art, and the lifestyle that surrounds it all").

It's not surprising an Orange County lad can handle himself well on a board (make sure to stick through to the grand finale). But usually you find one on a surf board, skateboard, snowboard or just plain bored. Were wakeboards, surf boards, skateboards and snowboards even invented when Dick was a boy? Note the Quaker modesty in Dickie eschewing knobby-knee-revealing board shorts.


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