Scrubbing In Cancellation Sought Before MTV's Latest Orange County Reality Show Debuts

Scrubbing In Cancellation Sought Before MTV's Latest Orange County Reality Show Debuts

A Facebook campaign and petition drive have started to seek MTV's cancellation of the new reality show Scrubbing In before it premieres Thursday.

The latest reality show set in Orange County is about nurses from around the country taking a temporary assignment at a hospital here.

When MTV first announced the new program, it was said to take place in an "understaffed" Orange County hospital. The network later backtracked on that statement.

MTV Reels Back "Understaffed" Description of Mystery OC Hospital in Scrubbing In Show

MTV declined the Weekly's request to identify the hospital, explaining all would be revealed closer to the air date. Some readers had claimed in the comments linked below it's Western Medical Center in Santa Ana.

Scrubbing In is the Latest MTV Reality Show Set in Orange County. God Help Us All.

The Open Group Cancel Scrubbing In on MTV on Facebook is less concerned about where the show's location than the show itself:

MTV is set to air "Scrubbing In" on Oct. 24th. This show is a disgrace to the nursing profession and needs to be cancelled immediately!

This is NOT what our profession needs! The media portrayal of nurses as sex objects acting like drunken idiots is a disgrace to the professionalism and integrity of a job that REAL NURSES are truly passionate about. This show portrays NOTHING close to what nurses do on a daily basis... professionally or personally. This show will leave nothing but a negative stigma on a highly respected profession making it similar to the Real World.

"Fact...There is no "partying" after a 12 hour day. After working a 12 or 16 hour day, most nurses are lucky to make the drive home, shower the mucus, vomit and blood off of them, and crawl into bed to get a hopeful 6 hours of sleep before waking up and doing it all over again the next day!"


A petition posted by Milka Stojanovic of Milwaukee, WI, calls on MTV to do the same:

This show does not and cannot depict the lives of professional nurses and it is an insult to the nursing profession as a whole. We ask that MTV please consider cancelling the premiere of this grossly inaccurate dramatization.

As of Monday at 3 p.m., the petition had 8,380 signatures toward a goal of 10,000.

But perhaps you want to meet the MTV nurses before signing ...

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