Screw Who Tiger Woods Screws, And Pay Attention to Chevron!

By now, everyone knows of the scandal involving Cypress' own Tiger Woods, involved in a mysterious car crash near his Orlando-area home this past Thanksgiving holiday supposedly caused by his philandering ways (our favorite rumor: that he told a pal he needs a "Kobe Special," also known as a Zales ring). But isn't it telling of our society that this is getting Woods so much attention, while his friendliness toward despots and oil companies goes unnoticed? That is the argument put for by Dave Zirin, one of the country's best sports columnist and an unabashed lefty, in his column this week.

Specifically, Zirin zings Woods over his involvement with Chevron and the building of a golf course at Dubai. "As the saying goes, behind every great fortune is a great crime," Zirin writes. "Woods has every right to keep his personal problems personal. But when he makes deals that benefit dictatorships and unaccountable corporations, all in the name of his billion-dollar brand, he deserves no privacy."

And now, Will Ferrell as Tiger Woods:


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