Steiner: Stiffed?
Steiner: Stiffed?
Illustration by Bob Aul

Scott Steiner, OC Judge, Censured for Having Sex in Courthouse

Remember back in March 2013, when Moxley broke the story that Orange County Superior Court Judge Scott Steiner had to recuse himself from a case for having sex with a former student from his days teaching at Chapman University? And that Steiner had sex with ANOTHER former student, then allegedly hooked her up with a spot at the Orange County District Attorney's office? Well, Steiner's overseers at the Commission on Judicial Performance weren't happy with that and just censured Steiner today for his actions.

But they stopped short of booting him off the bench, because it's not technically illegal to schtup former students in the court chambers--just embarrassing as hell.

"Engaging in sexual intercourse in the courthouse is the height of irresponsible and improper behavior by a judge," the commission wrote in their findings, adding such actions sends the wrong message to court employees by implying "libidinous conduct" is A-OK for judges. HA!

A public censure, though, doesn't do anything to Steiner, other than stay on his permanent record. Steiner is still a judge in OC Superior Court, although he did lose his Chapman U job.

I'd report more on this, but this is Mox's story--so we'll wait for him to emerge from the salt mines of another doozy...

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