Scott Baugh Gets Re-elected as Chair of OC Republican Party--Surprise, Surprise

In the most anticlimactic vote in Orange County politics since Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez whupped challenger Van Tran, Scott Baugh easily beat opponent Tim Whitacre to retain his position as head of the Republican Party of Orange County.

Much hay was made in the media--including in your humble rag--about Whitacre's guerrilla campaign, mostly because we all know Baugh is a pedophile-coddling, corrupt-official apologist who deserves the political karma that will come his way one day.

But it wasn't last night--not even close.

Baugh received nearly twice as many votes as Whitacre, whose only real claim to fame is having been one of the few Republicans to have turned against felon and former sheriff Mike Carona while Baugh and his crew shamelessly, laughably defended Carona's reputation.

The other funny revelation from last night was former Carona flunky Jon Fleischman insisting to Voice of OC reporter Adam Elmahrek that Baugh "is as Tea Party as anyone else." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Where was I? Oh, yes: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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