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Ducks PhotographerThis just in: Surfing is now popu- lar with women. This stunning revelation comes from a press release sent out by Los Angeles-based Pollack PR Marketing Group. According to "Account Coordinator and Surfer Girl" Ginger Golembiewski, "Today's beach babes are breaking stereotypes as they head straight to where the action and adventure is—in the SURF!!!" Her evidence for this wild, hitherto unsubstantiated claim: "Two recent blockbuster movies—Blue Crush and Lilo & Stitch—addressed the trend and featured surfer girls as main characters." Great choices, Golembiewski—one's a cartoon that bears no resemblance to reality and the other concerns a space monster. (Anthony Pignataro)

Contemporary philosopher and pugilist Rocky Balboa once remarked, "Sometimes charity really hurts." Can giving be painful as our celluloid hero observes? This weekend, you can find out at the Saddleback Memorial Half Marathon and 5K for charity and explore the boundaries of suffering and altruism. How can it hurt so much during the race and feel so good after? Maybe it's all that effort going to benefit good causes like the Saddleback Medical Center and Trails4All. Or it could just be the endorphins. Yeah, probably the endorphins. Anyway, it's worth getting out there. Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, 24411 Health Center Dr., Laguna Hills, (949) 452-3466; Mon., registration, 6 a.m.; Half Marathon, 7 a.m.; 5K, 7:40 a.m. $25-$45. (Scott Giffin)

Even before the Anaheim Mighty Ducks finished wiping the ice with the remnants of the Minnesota Wild, hockey types were complaining about goalie Jean-Sebastien "Jiggy" Giguere. He is a big goalie with large equipment," Wild center Cliff Ronning told the Minnesota Star Tribune on May 12. "They should make sure that the stuff is legal." Imagine that—Giguere's "equipment" is too big. Or, at least, too big for the poor little Minnesota Wild. Oooh, Jiggy's too big. He's got an unfair advantage. Boo hoo. Isn't that what they used to say about Tyson? Man, if I had a nickel for every time I got accused of having oversized equipment, I'd have . . . lessseee . . . carry the one . . . hold on, I can do this . . . a nickel. (AP)


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