Scenes from the Mexican Madness

With apologies to Orange County Register sports genius Randy Youngman, notes, quotes and observations from my first book signing at Librería Martínez last Thursday:

*Fliers for the event promised free tequila for adults courtesy of SanTana-based La Tequilera, but some pendeja called the city to complain about this--nevermind that no temporary liquor license is required if you give away booze for gratis. Not only that, but said woman berated Mr. Martinez for hosting me in the first place. Pendeja. Macarthur Genius Martinez, ever the gentleman, went on a beer run right before I spoke.

*There was free Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce courtesy of the company, along with posters, stickers and pins. Not even the box that held all the items was to be seen by the end of the night.

*Libreria Martinez originally ordered 200 copies of ¡Ask a Mexican! but was afraid that might be too much. They sold out before I even spoke at 7pm. Desperate for more copies, Mr. Martinez asked if I had any on me. I did--30 copies. They sold out within five minutes. Not only that, but the Barnes & Noble in SanTana I had lurked in the previous week was cleared, along with the Borders at the Block in Orange.

*I expected maybe 150 people to attend. Friends estimate at least 300 tried to attend--many drove by and kept driving after seeing the spillover crowd on the sidewalks. The room was packed. Local celebrities in the audience included Orange County Business Journal editor Rick Reiff, Dana Harvey of Harvey's Bags fame, JC Fandango owner Javier Castellanos and Memphis owner Diego Velasco (one of the people who waited outside). None of my former Weekly colleagues who now work at The District, though...although Lowery and ¡Ask a Mexican! creator Will Swaim did call with congrats.

*Due to the demand, I will have another OC signing, if not more. Details to come. Want to host the Mexican? E-mail me at Next signing is tomorrow/today, at the Pico Rivera Borders, 8852 Washington at 7pm. Call (562) 942-9919 for more info.

*Craziest moment of the night: my girlfriend's niece's brother came late and so couldn't buy a book. Someone offered to sell a copy to him for $30--$10 more than the cover price. Sold! Fucking Mexican scalpers.


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