[Scariest People 2008] Orange Zombie

Illustration by Evan Yarbrough

Like many classic gore-fests, this one never truly explains why the streets of Orange County are overrun by shambling, flesh-eating monsters—but who cares? Watch imprisoned zombie Jared Petrovich moan that the guy was already dead when he ate his foot—and blame it on zombie Deputy Kevin Taylor, who was apparently watching Night of the Comet and eating his fellow deputy’s brainssssss at the time. Knife-wielding zombie Gunner Jay Lindberg and blood-weeping zombie Mike Carona are convincingly relentless and mindless (just try not to cover your eyes during the “Little Zombie Sheriff” sequence), but the true scene stealer in this beyond-the-grave bloodbath is everyone’s favorite Orange County school trustee, Steve Rocco, who has just been arrested for stealing ketchup when the zombies start to take over. As Rocco knows, it’s all the Partnership’s doing! Watch Rocco as his war on the undead leaves behind a body count that would make Sylvester Stallone proud.


Starring: Jared Petrovich, Kevin Taylor and Steve Rocco
Special appearances by: Mike Carona and Gunner Jay Lindberg

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