Scam Artists Try to Profit Off Seal Beach Hair Salon Tragedy

Earlier today we blogged about ways you can help survivors and the families of victims of last week's mass killing in a Seal Beach hair salon:

Related to one option are scam artists and the special place in hell reserved for them.

Part of the reason the city of Seal Beach, Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce and the owner of the building housing Salon Meritage opened a trust fund to collect donations for families of victims--beside it being the right thing to do--is because an unknown man was walking up and down Main Street seeking contributions.

That so alarmed the chamber that it sent notices to merchants warning that scam artists had descended on Seal Beach in an attempt to turn tragedy into profit. The safe Seal Beach Victims' Fund was then established so donors can rest assured their contributions are going to the people who need them. (Indeed, we'll plug it again: drop off donations at Bank of America, 208 Main St., Seal Beach or the chamber office at 201 Eighth St., Seal Beach, or give online at

Meanwhile, let's hope you-know-who (waaaay down south) is adding fuel to the fire that will eventually engulf those assholes who hit Main Street.


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