Saying Hi to the New Kids in OC Media

Saying Hi to the New Kids in OC Media

Everyone put their hands together to give a big Orange County welcome for the region's two new news outlets! It was only last month that the Los Angeles Times announced it was venturing back into Orange County with these two publications that, apparently, are now up and running.

First up: the Orange County Local News Network, located at The site is part of a growing national chain of LNNs. Managing Editor Greg Magnus introduced himself and his four-person staff in a post on Monday:

Over the next few months, we'll be rolling out a multitude of sections for you to peruse, wander and perhaps even wonder.

Ah, that eternal journalistic goal: to make readers wonder a multitude of sections.

The site's content is a mix of original--though not necessarily all that different from what we're getting in the Register--reporting, as well as stories provided by Los Angeles Times affiliates the Newport-Mesa Daily Pilot, the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot and the Huntington Beach Independent.

OCLNN even has an "OC Homicides" blog. The Weekly's Matt Coker has been blogging each homicide in the county for some time now, but it doesn't seem like there should be too much overlap: For some reason, Navel Gazing has been lacking in reports of murders in Lancaster

Next up is OCLNN and LA Times affiliate O.C. Now, located at To be honest, we're a little confused by the site. It's bright and sorta pretty, but it appears to simply be an aggregator of press releases, sports briefs, and Times-n'-friends stories about Orange County. Kind of handy, we suppose, but not the in-depth, afflicting-the-comfortable reporting we might have hoped for. Speaking of which... Norberto Santana Jr., where are you?

Good luck to everyone!


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