Saying Good-Bye (Again) to Disney's Electrical Parade
Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland

Saying Good-Bye (Again) to Disney's Electrical Parade

I know we've been through this before but it's time to say good-bye again to Disney's Electrical Parade. After its final show on Sunday night, every float and costume will be dispatched over to its new summer home, Disney World.

Disney's Electrical Parade, which was once known as the Main Street Electrical Parade, was created by Bob Jani and Ron Miziker. The parade ran on and off during most summers at Disneyland Resort, including 1972-1974, 1977-1982 and 1986-1996.

After originally shutting down in 1996, light bulbs were made into collector items, and a failed replacement show took its place one year later. In 2001, Disney brought back the Electrical Parade to California Adventure to help commemorate the first summer the park would be open.

And that infectious synth tune that might just be the most memorable part of the parade? The tune is based on a track composed by Jean-Jacques Perrey, a French electronic music producer, and Gershon Kinglsey, a contemporary German composer, titled "Baroque Hoedown" and defines the term "earworm." 


The Electrical Parade's last Disney World showing will be on August 14, but there's no official word as of yet when it would once again make its way westward. Catch the last few Electrical Parade performances (at least, for now) Friday through Sunday night, 9 p.m., at California Adventure.


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