Save Straight Marriages, Quash Queer Ones

The funniest of articles appeared earlier this week in the Orange County Register: Christian churches are uniting to save marriage. At Eastside Christian Church in Fullerton, about 100 pastors gathered under the guise of the Orange County Marriage Education Initiative, which its website declares is "a non-profit organization dedicated solely to strengthening marriages and reducing the divorce rate within Orange County." On and on, these folks told reporter Serena Maria Daniels how important marriage is--then the rub. When it came to gay marriage--recently found constitutional by the California Supreme Court--California Healthy Marriage Initiative president Dennis Stoica told Daniels, "We know that is a very important issue to a lot of people," but that attendees "would not comment on political matters," according to the Register.

Oh, really? Eastside Christian is listed as a drop-off point for folks trying to get a proposition on the November ballot that would create a California constitutional amendment banning gay marriages. Other people involved in the initiative are the fag-bashers in the Calvary Chapel movement and a lot of other homo-haters. Those folks are not shy at all in telling the world how evil gay marriage is, even though as it stands without the union of same sexes, divorce amongst breeders is pretty damn high. Expect to hear more from these creeps in the coming months...


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