Saturday's Headlines & Surprises: No Sex in Uniform

  • Democratic Money Man Sued in OC: Norman Hsu's legal woes continued to mount with a new civil lawsuit filed by Orange County investors who claim the Hillary Clinton fund raiser operated a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme with political overtones. A story in the Times by Robin Fields, Dan Morain and Chuck Neubauer outlines the new claims including that Hsu "dictated" that his potential business partners "make contributions to Democratic candidates as a condition of doing business with him." Good article, but is it really illegal to help select your business associates based on their political affiliation? The piece doesn't provide an answer. (If it is, the business community is in trouble.) But nobody forced anyone to work with Hsu. Nobody forced anyone to contribute to Hsu's favorite candidates. These now-angry investors--including some Orange County Republicans--linked up with Hsu because of greed. They wanted the high profits--as much as 20 percent or more--he returned on investments. If these folks contributed to Democrats to impress Hsu, tough lucky sweety.
  • Officer Park, Get Your Big Ass to NC Quick! Remember David Park, the Irvine police officer who turned off his GPS unit in the cruiser, tailed a stripper from work, left his jurisdiction, pulled the woman over allegedly for a traffic violation and ejaculated on her blouse? Park--a giant of a fellow--blamed the woman--all 5-foot-2 of her for wanting sex from him. Anyhow, it seems Park isn't alone in using his badge to score chicks. On the other side of the country--indeed, in another Orange County--North Carolina state troopers have been using their patrol units as sex motels. The Raleigh News & Observer reports today that one trooper allegedly "had [extramarital] sex in every patrol car he had ever been assigned" and visited women for sex while on duty. It seems the NC trooper code states that an officer cannot have sex while in uniform. Being the smart critters they are, these cops simply disrobed before on-duty intercourse.
  • Band of Brothers: Next Generation: Over at the Orange County Register's Orange Punch blog, Steven Greenhut takes note of "Slates hilarious fake [Mitt] Romney ad." The five Romney sons have skipped military service to campaign for daddy. Can they survive the task? See the spoof somewhere on YouTube. (Slatetv took the ad off their site. Idiots.] Meanwhile, the Republican presidential candidate has a campaign stop in OC this weekend.


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