Saturday's Headlines

  • Bus Stop: Orange County Transportation bus drivers voted to strike this morning. KCBS/Channel 2 is reporting that 50 of 80 routes will lose service. You know what this means? Rich Newport Beach folks could be forced to retrieve their domestic help.
  • Capo School Scamsters: The LA Times reported today that prosecutors plan civil charges against Capistrano Unified School District officials who, among other things, violated state law by giving a construction company a $3.8 million bonus in secret.
  • Irvine Co. To Wreck Popular OC Water Park: Ex-Reg investigative reporter Bill Rams, now a handsomely-paid flack for the county's biggest real estate developer, says the county needs his company to bulldoze Wild Rivers Waterpark for 3,700 new expensive homes. The Irvine Co. is only concerned about the community's needs, claims Rams.
  • Celebrating W's Competence: Anti-wars demonstrations are planned today in La Palma, San Clemente and Laguna Beach. Check the OC Weekly online calendar for times and exact locations.


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