Santiago Chamu, OC Thief, Got a Sweetheart Prosecution Deal But Still Isn't Happy

Earlier this year, Santiago Chamu won a generous plea deal from local prosecutors. 

Represented at taxpayer expense by a public defender, Chamu agreed to serve 150 days in the Orange County Jail and undergo three years of supervised probation in exchange for the government dropping a 2011 felony robbery charge to a non-strike, grand theft count.

Chamu decided after the deal that he wanted a more generous arrangement with less time in jail.

He appealed and the criminal justice system appointed yet another free lawyer to handle his complaint.

But there was a problem: Chamu's appellate lawyer carefully studied the case and couldn't find a single, legitimate issue.

At the California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana, a three-justice panel headed by William Rylaarsdam also reviewed the case and found nothing improper.

Upshot: This 23-year-old thief owes taxpayers a huge bill for wasting everybody's time.

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