Santa Ana's Most Famous Cat Gets A Holiday Tribute

Loretta Sanchez

may have won what was her most precious election victory in November, but the divorced Santa Ana congresswoman also suffered a great loss: her dear, 19-year-old feline companion,



Gretzky--a fine white-haired cat with bedroom eyes--became famous because Sanchez included him in photos used in her provocative annual holiday greeting cards that sometimes garnered national attention.

In her 2010 card received in mailboxes this week, Orange County's lone congressional Democrat paid tribute to Gretzky by re-publishing images from past cards as well as a large photograph of the cat with the words: "Holiday memories last forever."

Sanchez spokeswoman Caroline Hogan told me that she is unaware if the congresswoman plans to replace Gretzky.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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