Saddleback High
Saddleback High

Santa Ana Unified School District Blames Disabled Student for Her Molestation by School Worker, Demands She Pay Their Legal Bills!

Remember the Alonso Manuel Gonzalez case? The teacher's aide at Saddleback High School in SanTana who molested a special-ed student in late 2008, a molestation that administrators tried to cover up? The pervert who pleaded guilty to child abuse and endangerment in 2009? Turns out that the student's parents are suing Gonzalez and the Santa Ana Unified School District in a civil suit--the former for mental and physical trauma caused to the student by his actions, the latter for negligence for keeping an employee parents had complained about for years.

The district's response? Slur the victim--a cerebral palsy-stricken young woman that has the mental capacity of a seven-year-old--with the worst "she wanted it" defense since the Haidl boys roasted Jane Doe.

In a June 1st filing in Orange County Superior Court, school districts lawyers tried to dismiss the lawsuit using 40 separate affirmative defenses, known in the real world as "excuses." One of them was that the victim's injuries and trauma due to Gonzalez's grubby hands "were the direct and proximate result of the contributory negligence of plaintiff, and, at the time and place alleged, plaintiff failed to use due and reasonable care for her own safety and protection." Not only that, but the filing claims the victim "chose to encounter the known risk created by that breach of duty" that resulted when Gonzalez was left alone with her.

Remember: we're talking about a then-17-year-old girl with the mental capacity of a seven-year-old, one who must be bound to a wheelchair at all times.

Defendant attorneys Glenn Goldby and Shiao-Wen Huang weren't done. They claimed the abuse the child suffered--another school employee found the two alone in a room, with the girl's breasts exposed because Gonzalez had lifted her shirt and undershirt up to her chin while claiming to fix her shirt--was "consented to." The two also asserted the girl's parents "negligently, carelessly and recklessly supervised, monitored, controlled and instructed the minor plaintiff so as to legally cause and contribute to her injuries and damages, if any." All this about a young girl who can't verbally communicate with anyone, and thus has never been able to disclose what exactly Gonzalez did to her.

As a grand, caring finale, the district asked presiding Judge Luis A. Rodriguez to not only dismiss all charges against them but to make the victim's family pay all legal fees. Since when did the Santa Ana Unified School District take its directions toward sex abuse from the Diocese of Orange, and not the other way around?


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