Nothing to see here, folks; just a couple safely walking through downtown Santa Ana.
Nothing to see here, folks; just a couple safely walking through downtown Santa Ana.
Photo by Riley Kern/OC Weekly

Santa Ana Ranked Ninth Most Vigilant U.S. City

Is Santa Ana on a roll this year or what? So far, it has been named among the nation's selfiest, coolest and, for you herbal indulgers, highest cities.

(In the interest of full disclosure, SanTana also wound up on a list of the most boring cities in America this year.)

Now, all you gun lovers, cop groupies and home security shopkeepers in town will be happy to learn Santa Ana has also been named among the most vigilant cities in the U.S.

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That is the finding of, "the one place for individuals to manage and control their world of online information."

The MyLifers claim Santa Ana is the ninth most vigilant city in America, sandwiched between Gilbert, Arizona, and Plano, Texas. Bookending the top 10 list at No. 1 is El Paso, Texas.

Hey, isn't El Paso where they take one half of a lady and place her on the American side of the border and then take an opposite half of a different lady and place her on the Juarez side? In between the border flood lights flicking on and off, of course. God bless FX.

Anyway, Santa Anans don't have to be vigilant about stuff that serious. But they must be on guard given sardine-like conditions mentioned by MyLife:

Representing Orange County, Santa Ana is also the fourth city from California to make the list. Little known fact: of cities with more than 300,000 people, it is also the fourth most densely populated in the country, and with all those people in such a small area, preventing crime can be a little tough. But they came in eighth in larceny theft and ninth in property crime.

See, the number crunchers took a list of the 100 most populous cities in the U.S. and ranked them from one to 100 (one being best) in these categories: overall crime rate; larceny theft; property crime; identity theft consumer complaints; and fraud consumer complaints. Data for these categories came from statistics compiled by the FBI, Federal Trade Commission and other trustworthy sources, claims MyLife.

When the dust settled, three cities relatively close to Santa Ana also finished in the top 50: Long Beach (18); Anaheim (25); and perennial Safest City in America Irvine (31).

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