Santa Ana Now Officially Run by Lazy Mexicans

*Updated, with new information on the bottom... As the largest city in Orange County, SanTana needs a more-committed city council than, say, Laguna Niguel. Unfortunately, the county seat is cursed with buffoons, a veritable clowncil, to use the term of Orange Juice! bomb-thrower Art Pedroza. We've documented the wackiness of Mayor Papi Pulido and councilmembers Busty Bustamante (pictured), Claudia Alvarez and David Benavides, and at least one of them is amongst the pendejos who are out of town and thus caused this Monday's city council meeting to be canceled.

A SanTana city council meeting canceled. At a time when many residents are losing their homes. When people are killing each other. When developers are pushing hard for the implementation of the gentrifying, conflict-of-influenza-stricken Renaissance Plan When the city desperately needs leaders, the majority of its elected officials elected to vamoose. If Nero fiddled while Rome burned, the SanTana City Council is subjecting its constituents to a pinche orchestra. Details to come...

*UPDATE: To clarify, the reason why Papi Pulido is canceling the SanTana City Council Meeting is because there are not enough councilmembers in town to reach a quorum. A City Hall source tells the Weekly the MIAers are Papi Pulido, Alvarez, and councilmembers Vince Sarmiento and Sal Tinajero. The Papi is in Hawaii, according to the source; the other three's whereabouts are unknown.


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